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Our mission is to empower business leaders and their teams to thrive in the digital+AI era. With the ADAPT & FLY System™ at our core, we provide tools, workshops, guidance, and articles to support pragmatic approaches to business adaptation and international success.

ADAPT & FLY System

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Discover a comprehensive suite of think-design models and interactive canvases, powered by digital platforms and challenged by Gen AI, tailored for today's rapidly changing business landscape. Receive expert guidance on crucial aspects of adapting and developing your business portfolio and marketing in a fast-paced world of digital & AI.


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Solve challenges and design new strategies as one team, with interactive frameworks, digital/AI tools, and our senior guidance.



Learn new strategies and tools in connected or class sessions, brought by a senior expert, available in an online platform.



Receive feedback and inspiration for new ideas from an highly experienced external partner.



Find new inspiration for your business in five key domains, as per the ADAPT & FLY System.


Frédéric Martin

Frédéric is the creator of the A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System ™ and resources. A former executive from global leaders like Samsung, Sony, or 1&1 Internet AG, he brings extensive experience in international product, branding, and marketing management, business strategy, and general management. He has led international teams in Germany and France, managing business lines and driving growth at a local and global scale. Transitioning to an independent consultant in 2012, he's offered expertise to many companies, focusing on business strategies, marketing, international development and transformation. An ESCP Business School alumni, Frédéric is committed to continuous education, he holds certifications from MIT, Cambridge, Columbia, and Kellogg Business School in digital business strategies, advanced marketing, and design thinking. To bring even more impact, Frédéric collaborates with like-minded consultants from across Europe. Together, they uphold high standards of achievement, develop innovative strategies, co-lead inspiring workshops, live sessions, or transformative projects. The A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System ™ is a culmination of Frédéric's vast experience as an executive, consultant, coach, trainer.

Frederic Martin - Profile


Examples of Works

Frédéric has worked as product, marketing and business leader at global tech leaders like Samsung, Sony, 1&1 Internet AG, Thomson, Agfa HealthCare, Bridgestone. At Samsung Germany he's driven the TV brand from Nr.5 to Nr.1 in 3 years as TV business owner (product lines, marketing, sales, P&L), from 170 to 500 Million € annual revenue. His strategic program to achieve such results was acknowledged as a best practice at Samsung HQ, Seoul. 


Frédéric has worked as a senior consultant for developing digital startups inside corporations like Agfa HealthCare (managed services) and Bridgestone (digital mobility). Europe and the US have been target markets. Further,
Frédéric has mentored business owners at startups since 2012, supporting them in their development in Europe, with a focus on strategy and marketing operations.


Frédéric has worked as marketing director and advisor supporting the development of European tec SMEs in France, Germany, Europe, and in the US, with companies like 1&1 United Internet, EVS, Ordiges, and startups. At 1&1 United Internet, from Karlsruhe, in Germany, he led marketing teams spanned across Europe and the US. At EVS he headed the international development, with a focus on new technologies for Europe and the US. 


Frédéric has worked as an independent consultant since 2012. He's addressed marketing and business challenges at small to large organisations, including Agfa Healthcare, Bridgestone, consultancies like Deloitte or One Man Support, European SMEs, startups, and the public sector. Further, he has developed methods and tools revolving around marketing and international business development. The A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System ™ is an aggregation of all the methods he has developed since 2012.


Since 2013, Frédéric has delivered strategy workshops for small and mid-sized companies based in Europe and the Middle East, in a diversity of sectors like software, ecommerce, healthcare IT, digital mobility, industrial, mining, and the public sector. Workshops draw on the interactive tools and approach provided in the ADAPT & FLY System ™; with thought-leading frameworks and interactive canvases via the Miro platform. Lately, AI has been introduced to stretch ideas and workshop outcomes to new levels.


Frédéric has been a sr. associate with Management Centre Europe since 2020, a leading boutique across EMEAR for learning and development programs. He's led the Business Transformation and Digital Strategies program. He has designed other challenging training programs like "Digital 4International" for the Wallonia Region, "AI4innovation" with Prof. Bryan Cassady (check it at Lately, he's been developing the ADAPT&FLY Program, a culmination of his experience, with an online version in a platform. 



Are you a Business, Marketing, or Digital Leader?


Our resources are definitely for you if you're...


  • ​looking to harness the power of expert frameworks, digital, and AI tools for business adaptation and development.
  • struggling to navigate the complexity of today's rapidly changing business landscape and need a structured approach.
  • seeking effective frameworks and support for aligning and guiding your team towards success.





Solve challenges and design new strategies as a team, with advanced tools and our senior guidance. In our interactive workshops, you will...

  • ​access interactive frameworks/canvases, apply to your business
  • brainstorm and enhance with AI, and make great things happen
  • ​access virtual spaces, keep iterating projects anytime anywhere



Learn new strategies, frameworks, and tools, from a senior expert or via an online portal. In our trainings you will have access to...

  • advanced learnings, that you can apply to your business
  • ​​interactive frameworks, to turn your leanings into practice
  • an individual/team portal, so you can come back anytime



Receive feedback and inspiration for new ideas from an highly experienced external partner. Our coaching will help you and your team with...

  • ​cross-industry perspectives, so you can challenge your status-quo
  • new ideas, so you can stretch and innovate in your company
  • a structure approachso you can move forward step by step


Our resources are built on...

3 decades of experience working with global businesses, SMEs and startups worldwide. Here is a brief list of places where Frédéric has worked as a leader or consultant, and the business schools he attended or got licenses from

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